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Testimony: “How will I continue my exams to get into university”

A Congolese student infected with the Ebola virus succeeds in taking his baccalaureate (high school diploma) exam.

Claude Mabowa Sasi lost his mother, brother and sister to the Ebola virus. When he was diagnosed with the virus, instead of fearing death as well, the young man became worried: “How will I continue my exams to go to university?” 

Indeed, his mother’s dearest wish was for Mabowa to go to university. But for this to happen, he had to pass the baccalaureate, known as the “bac”…

After testing positive for Ebola, he asked the nurses and doctors how he could still pass his exams. It was difficult for him to study because he no longer had access to his courses and other study materials.

The health team who cared for him in ALIMA’s Ebola Treatment Center found a solution: a school representative agreed to let him sit his exam safely behind a window. The exam pages were photographed one-by-one by smartphone and then sent by email to be graded by proctors.

Touched by his desire to pass his baccalaureate, ALIMA teams also brought Mabowa a school uniform that he could wear during the exam – a white t-shirt and blue pants.

“The fact we brought the exams to him is an important step for his healing and recovery,” said Goretti Muhumira, an ALIMA psychologist.

Mabowa says: “I have not lost everything, and I am confident that I will succeed and honor my mother’s memory,” he said. “If she were still here, I think she’d be proud of me.” 

Claude Mabowa continues to receive care at ALIMA’s Ebola Treatment Center in Beni. He is eagerly awaiting the results of the ‘bac’ and his health check-ups.

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