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Mpox 19 04 12 2023 ALIMA MONKEYPOX MANIEMA DRC 34795

Fighting the Mpox virus deep in the Democratic Republic of Congo

“First one of my children fell ill, then another, then a third. Soon all my eight children were sick, with the same marks on their skin, and our neighbors started accusing us of witchcraft,” says Kasongo Kikumbe, a farmer from Kapongo village in the lush green forests of Maniema province in the Democratic Republic of

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MariamaKonte 9

Innovative Mobile Ultrasound Scanner Saving Lives of Pregnant Women in Remote Guinea (video)

It’s truly a relief. The arrival of mobile ultrasound scanners in several health centers in the Telimele prefecture, located northwest of Guinea’s capital Conakry, has been revolutionary for many families. Previously inaccessible to most women in the area until mid-2023, ultrasound is now becoming more widely available and drawing women to health facilities throughout their

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Emergency response

“You have the power to end the need for humanitarians” (Africa CEO Forum)

As economic and political leaders gear up for the 2024 Africa CEO Forum in Kigali, Dr. Moumouni Kinda, Executive Director of the NGO ALIMA, issues an urgent call to rethink the continent’s priorities. This forum presents an opportunity to discuss not only digital transformation and artificial intelligence but, more importantly, sustainable human development. With nearly

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ALIMA Cameroun Sante Maternelle et Infantile 2024 DanielBeloumou Photos 33 2

Women in Cameroon Travel Miles to Secure Healthcare Access for Their Communities

Access to healthcare is a challenge in Cameroon’s North-West and South-West (NWSW) anglophone regions, which have been in conflict since 2017. Insecurity, inadequate health facilities, and the great distances between villages and medical centers are obstacles for communities to access quality care. In this difficult context, women, known as community relays, tirelessly travel kilometers every

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Accoucheuses sauvent vie appi centrafrique 2

Video Report: Traditional Birth Attendants Saving Lives With a Mobile App

In the Central African Republic, a new project is transforming maternal care by involving matrons, traditional birth attendants, in the management of high-risk pregnancies. The project, called “Wakobo Ti Kodro,” uses an innovative mobile app to improve maternal and child health in a region with some of the highest mortality rates in the world.

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PHOTO 2024 04 09 11 47 37
Burkina Faso

My adventure at ALIMA

I joined the ALIMA team in January 2024. A month and a half later, I was lucky enough to go on a mission to Mali and then to Burkina Faso. Despite my fatigue, and spurred by my passion for storytelling, I continued my journey across the Senegal River into Mauritania. In just a few weeks,

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