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Burkina Faso

Start of program: 2011

Country key figures:

  • 22,6 million inhabitants¹
  • 1,8 million displaced persons²

ALIMA key figures:

  • 351,383 curative consultations
  • 10,587 psychological consultations³

Areas of intervention:

  • Nutrition
  • Outbreak response
  • Maternal health
  • Research and innovation
  • Conflicts and population displacement 

Humanitarian context

Since 2018, there has been a decline in the security context in Burkina Faso, worsening the humanitarian situation. By the end of 2022, there were 1,882,391 internally displaced persons in the country, 8.08% more than the start of the year*.

 Growing insecurity led to the closure of 202 (14%) health facilities, only 430 (29.7%) health facilities were able to operate at minimum capacity³, making access to care more difficult and increasing the risk of mortality.

ALIMA Burkina Faso Malnutrition aigue 2017 Copyright ALIMA Photos 38

ALIMA’s impact on the ground

Emergency response 

The ALIMA / KEOOGO / SOS Médecins-Burkina Faso consortium scaled up its operations for increased coverage of the health, nutritional, and psychosocial needs of the Burkinabe population. 

In 2022, the consortium escalated its emergency response in support of the Ministry of Health in the Centre-Nord (Barsalogho, Tougouri, Kaya), Nord (Thiou, Ouahigouya, Titao), and Sahel (Dori) regions.  A total of 1,668 children under five suffering from severe acute malnutrition were treated, including 853 with complications. Interventions resulted in 22,234 prenatal consultations, 10,587 psychological consultations, and 3,791 assisted births. 351,383 patients were treated, including 152,915 children under the age of five.

The 1,000-day projet

ALIMA also continued the 1,000-day project, monitoring children and parents from the mother and child health program in six Ouagadougou health facilities. These facilities were rehabilitated to improve access to water and quality of care. The year 2022 also saw the implementation of a project to strengthen health structure capacity to cope with shocks and crises (SURGE) through coordination between local, regional, and national actors. Lastly, ALIMA provided support to strengthen oxygenation capacity in two hospitals in Kaya and Barsalogho.

IMG 7063 2

* Photo de couverture © What Took You So Long / ALIMA

¹ World Bank 2022

² There were 1,741,655 internally displaced persons  in January, according to the report by the National Council for Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation (CONASUR) of December 31, 2022

³ Psychological first aid – Psychosocial support – Mental health in health care practice – Team mental health – Specialized psycho trauma consultations

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