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ALIMA fundraising event 2020: “The New Generation of Humanitarians” – More than 550,000 euros raised

ALIMA (The Alliance for International Medical Action) held its annual fundraising event, on November 24, in a new format this year: A virtual evening, broadcast simultaneously in Paris, Dakar, and New York City, filmed live from the famous Gabriel studio on the Champs Elysées in France – a space graciously donated by our partner AMP Visual – and viewed by supporters from around the world.

You can access the event’s website, visit our virtual exhibition and watch the replay of the show here.

Live from Paris – Dakar – New York

In 2019, more than 200 people came together for the first edition of this event, as part of ALIMA’s 10th anniversary. This year, given the health context, ALIMA had the opportunity to rethink the format of such an event by innovating, hand-in-hand with its partners, in Paris, Dakar and New York. Live presentations, interviews and stories: more than 300 people connected around the world were able to discover or rediscover the ALIMA model.

This was an opportunity for ALIMA to present its projects, its impact and to share some of its day-to-day activities via the personal accounts of its staff, partners and donors.

More than 550,000 euros raised to continue to transform humanitarian medicine

This event, called “Les Nouveaux Humanitaires” in French, or “The New Generation of Humanitarians,” in English, is part of the fundraising campaign “Transforming Humanitarian Medicine.” The goal is to raise 10 million euros. Throughout the evening, our donors were able to support our 3 Funds, created to respond to the challenges encountered in our countries of intervention:
– Emergency response
– Research & Innovation
– Humanitarian Talent Development
Thanks to everyone’s generosity, we were able to collect more than 550,000 euros from supporters across the three continents. A great success for this very first digital event.

You too can support “The New Generation of Humanitarians.” : make a donation

Valérie Bemo, Deputy Director for Emergencies at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (© Nicolo Revelli-Beaumont / ALIMA)
“ALIMA is one of our most-valued partners. One of its strengths is ALIMA’s proximity to the field. What we often see is that people talk about Africa but Africa is never sitting at the table. Africa is part of the menu but not among the guests. I think ALIMA represents this way of bringing Africa, local people and partners to the table.”

Researchers, physicians and donors also discussed the need to develop innovations and high-impact research projects to save more lives.

Professor Yazdan Yazdanpanah, Head of the Infectious Diseases Department at Bichat Claude Bernard Hospital and member of the French Government’s COVID-19 Scientific Council (© Nicolo Revelli-Beaumont / ALIMA)

“Unfortunately, there are more and more outbreaks like the one we are currently experiencing. To combat outbreaks, research must be part of the response, including operational research. We realized in 2014 with the West Africa Ebola epidemic that research must be done in the field with communities, with national NGOs.”

Announcement: Launch of the ALIMA Foundation, hosted by the ‘Fondation de France

Anne-Marie Idrac, former French Minister and former President of the Paris Area transportation agency (RATP) and the French railway SNCF, alongside Thierry Déau, Chairman and CEO of Meridiam (a global investment and asset manager based in Paris), announced during this event, the creation of the ALIMA Foundation, of which they are founding members. (© Nicolo Revelli-Beaumont / ALIMA)

“We are convinced that ALIMA has reached a significant stage of maturity that allows it to spread, share and propose its values, concepts and the elements of its model,” explained Anne-Marie Idrac, elected as first president of the ALIMA Foundation by the members of the executive committee.

For Thierry Déau: “There will be no development in Africa without health and ALIMA is a fundamental cornerstone of this. The Foundation complements this action by giving it more means and having a more important impact on its organizational structure.”

The singer Awa Ly and her guitarist gave us the honor of closing the evening with live music. (© Nicolo Revelli-Beaumont / ALIMA)

550,000 euros: a success made possible thanks to the incredible support of our three campaign committees in Europe (co-chaired by Tidjane Dème & Serge Morelli), Africa (co-chaired by Madjiguène Sock & Tidjane Dème), and North America (co-chaired by Pierre Crémieux & Elya Tagar), as well as the mobilization of our generous donors and partners: AMP Visual, Captain Prod, Enibas Productions, Letsee, Merveilleuse Identité, Obo, Résonance, Studio Gabriel and Eventmaker.

Cover photo: © Nicolo Revelli-Beaumont / ALIMA

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