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Sudan: Alima at the Heart of the Violence in El Fasher (Video)

Since 10 May, the town of El Fasher has been the scene of intense clashes, resulting in hundreds of deaths and injuries. On Voice of America, Dr. Sekou Condé, ALIMA’s head of mission in Sudan, recounts the extreme violence they are facing.

“In El Fasher, fighting between belligerents is raging, with shells and rockets falling in all directions, sparing no one, not even health facilities,” said Dr. Condé.

Clashes in El Fasher: Alima Stands With the Most Vulnerable

Despite numerous challenges, ALIMA continues to provide healthcare and nutrition to displaced populations. “We provide care to women and children who are among the most vulnerable,” adds Dr. Condé.

El Fasher, the only capital of the five Darfur states that has not fallen under the control of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), had long been relatively spared from the fighting. Today, the situation is critical.

“We were forced to move the children and mothers to the south of El Fasher,”

says Dr. Condé, after a rocket damaged a health facility supported by ALIMA and Médecins sans frontières.

A few days after Dr. Sekou’s interview on Voice of America, the ALIMA-backed hospital was attacked and looted by paramilitaries, forcing patients to flee once again.

Watch Dr. Sekou Condé’s full interview below.

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