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Central African Republic

Start of program: 2013

Country key figures:

  • 5.57 million inhabitants¹
  • 3.4 million people need humanitarian assistance²


ALIMA key figures:

  •  211,932 pediatric consultations
  • 98,256 malaria cases treated
  • 239,291 people vaccinated against COVID-19

Areas of intervention:

  • Maternal health
  • Outbreak response
  • Conflicts and population displacement
  • Nutrition

Humanitarian context

In 2022, 3.4 million people were deprived of assistance and protection in the Central African Republic, including 2 million with particularly severe humanitarian needs³. 

ALIMA RCA Sante maternelle et infantile 2023 Copyright Coras Portais ALIMA Photos 2
© Cora Portais / ALIMA

ALIMA's impact on the ground

Maternal and child health

In 2022, ALIMA took over management of the maternity ward at the Castors health center in Bangui, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and with funding from UNFPA*. Since the project began, 602 women were admitted and 518 deliveries were carried out.With five projects in different health regions of the country, ALIMA treated 8,592 children suffering from acute malnutrition and carried out 382,093 curative consultations.

Providing care to displaced and isolated communities

In the Nana-Gribizi prefecture, ALIMA provided medical assistance via a rapid response mechanism for humanitarian shocks, and by supporting  health facilities. Mobile clinics were organized at two sites, providing 3,509 curative consultations, 328 prenatal consultations, and 377 psychological consultations. We also continued to support the Mbrès secondary hospital and 13 health facilities. 

ALIMA continued working in the Obo District Hospital, the Zémio Secondary Hospital, and ten healthcare facilities, including the Bambouti health center. As a result, ALIMA guaranteed access to health care for host populations, displaced persons, and South Sudanese refugees. In addition, three mobile clinics were set up to provide health care to displaced and hard-to-reach populations.

IMG 0475
© Cora Portais / ALIMA

Reinforcing local capacities

In the Boda and Bimbo health districts, ALIMA implemented a capacity-building project to sustainably improve the supply of and access to quality healthcare in 44 health facilities. In 2022, we also reinforced the performance-based financing (PBF) strategy in the health facilities supported. PBF aims to empower health districts in managing and financing health facilities and foster the sustainability of the local health system. 


* Cover picture © Cora Portais / ALIMA

¹ World Bank 2022

² Humanitarian Needs Overview 2023, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, janvier 2023

³ Humanitarian Needs Overview 2023, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, January 2023

*The United Nations Population Fund


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