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ALIMA: an African Medical Alliance that is transforming humanitarian aid

Created in 2009, ALIMA aims to transform humanitarian medicine using an innovative intervention model that combines humanitarian action, research and local partnerships. In 2019, ALIMA teams worked in 11 African countries, treating 4,000 patients each day, and carrying out 29 research and innovation projects.

ALIMA’s activities started in Niger in 2009, in a context where health workers were facing an alarming peak of acute malnutrition, with an increase in the rate of infant mortality and a lack of care facilities. Many international NGOs had been expelled from the country the previous year. To strengthen local NGOs, which were the only ones providing care, ALIMA was created with a new model of humanitarian organization: an African Medical Alliance that will make it possible to link national NGOs and international research institutes.

Since the beginning, ALIMA has treated patients in 14 countries around the world, mainly in Africa. ALIMA teams (2,000 employees), 98% of whom are African, have treated 5 million patients.

In 2019, ALIMA’s budget was 55 million euros.

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When asked about ALIMA’s prospects for the next 10 years, ALIMA’s director General, Augustin Augier, replied: “My hope for ALIMA is to keep this innovative model, this new way of operating that combines local partnerships and research. This NGO will become more efficient, particularly in producing medical relief for the most vulnerable populations, which are becoming more and more numerous and more difficult to access.”

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Cover photo: © Alexis Huguet / ALIMA


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