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ALIMA fosters an innovative approach to humanitarian action and puts operational partnerships at the heart of our activities


Organizational Structure

ALIMA’s operational headquarters are located in Dakar, Senegal, and its administrative headquarters are located in Paris, France. ALIMA also has a support office in New York, USA, and is a registered charitable organization in the United Kingdom (UK) and Australia. ALIMA USA, ALIMA UK, and ALIMA Australia work to support, fundraise, and advocate for ALIMA’s field activities and operations.

ALIMA’s Governance

ALIMA’s governance is defined by the by-laws and rules of procedure of the ALIMA Association, which is made up of current and former members of ALIMA staff, Board of Directors, and individuals interested in getting involved with ALIMA at a greater level. Annual membership to the Association offers the opportunity to contribute to ALIMA’s future and long-term vision, stay informed of key decisions, and elect the members of the Board of Directors that validates the strategic objectives of our NGO. To join the Association, please click here.

The Board of Directors shall appoint a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to act as a liaison officer between the Board and the executive team. The bureau of the Board of Directors shall meet regularly with the CEO to oversee the management of the organization and assist the executive committee.

ALIMA’s Board of Directors

The Board of Directors appoints a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who acts as a liaison between the Board of Directors and the Executive Management Team. An Executive Committee composed of the CEO and four Directors meets regularly to oversee the management of the organization and to assist the Executive Management Team.

As part of ALIMA’s partnership with national NGOs, they are represented at the highest level of decision making. Each partner NGO is represented both on the Board of Directors and in the ALIMA Association. 

The ALIMA Association shall meet twice a year in General Assembly to approve the association’s activity reports and accounts, to debate, and to elect the Board of Directors. The General Assembly, which gathers all up-to-date members of the association, ensures that the organization’s activities run smoothly and in accordance with the charter and mission of ALIMA.

The ALIMA Association, through the General Assembly, oversees the observance of ALIMA’s social mission. Becoming a member of the Association is an opportunity to make a personal contribution to ALIMA’s overarching strategic questions and the direction of the organization.

  • ALIMA Operational Headquarters 

ALIMA’s operational headquarters, based in Dakar, Senegal, hosts the Executive Management Team and the majority of support departments to oversee and support ALIMA’s field teams.

  • ALIMA France

ALIMA France, based in Paris, is ALIMA’s head office, registered under the Association Law of 1901. 


ALIMA USA, based in New York, is a registered non-profit organization under the IRS status of 501(c)(3) – EIN: 26-0397519. A distinct organization, with its own Board of Directors, ALIMA USA, works towards ALIMA’s humanitarian goals and adheres to the same principles.

ALIMA USA Board of Directors

  • ALIMA Australia 

ALIMA Australia, based in Brisbane, is a registered Charity by the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC). 

ALIMA Australia Board of Directors


ALIMA UK is registered in the United Kingdom as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) by the Charity Commission under Charity no. 1175796. 

ALIMA UK’s Board of Directors

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