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What we do

ALIMA was created to transform humanitarian medicine to more effectively care for the most vulnerable populations. 

Putting the patient first

ALIMA provides emergency medical care in conflict zones and difficult-to-reach areas that may be suffering from high mortality rates. We are also implementing longer-term clinical and operational research projects to develop new treatments and offer innovative solutions in order to transform humanitarian medicine.

Rapid response thanks to our partners and employees in the field

When facing a disease outbreak, a conflict, or a natural disaster, there is a high risk of mortality for local populations. This can overwhelm health systems very quickly.

ALIMA is capable of deploying quality medical assistance adapted to the needs in the field thanks to our local NGOs and our employees, the vast majority of whom are from the countries of intervention.

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© Adrienne Surprenant / ALIMA

80% of our beneficiaries are women and children

Mothers and their children are usually the first victims of humanitarian crises. In order to provide mothers and children priority treatment and help them cope with recurring medical crises, ALIMA implements free medical care. This includes prevention, treatment, and patient-monitoring systems within the framework of nutritional, pediatric and maternal health projects, and in connection with local and national authorities.

Cover picture © Patrick Meinhardt / ALIMA

Our fields of expertise

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