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ALIMA’s CUBE honored by the French Presidential Council for Africa

ALIMA’s CUBE (a Biosecure Emergency Care Unit) has been highlighted in the most recent publication of “Carnets de Santé en Afrique,” a series of portraits of innovative medical initiatives launched in 2019 by the French Presidential Council for Africa* and the NGO Action Santé Mondiale.**

Dr. Marie-Claire Kolie, who previously responded during the West Africa Ebola epidemic in Guinea, reaffirms the medical progress made possible by the CUBE:

“The CUBE really changes the way that we, as doctors, can interact with a patient,” Dr. Kolie said. “The time you can spend with a patient is much more than it was in Guinea, because there, when you entered the tents, you always had to go inside wearing the full PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment).  It was hot and cumbersome, and you couldn’t stay long.”

The CUBE is a self-contained and easily transportable system for outbreaks of highly-infectious disease. With its transparent walls and external arm entries, medical teams can comfortably ensure a continuous monitoring of an infected patient, checking vital signs, administering medications and adapting treatment from the exterior, all while reducing the risk of contamination. The patient also benefits from the transparent walls, which allows them to remain in contact with their family and health workers.

In 2018, ALIMA deployed 30 CUBEs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, during the world’s second most-deadly outbreak of Ebola. Thanks to the quality of care provided by our teams, more than 60% of confirmed patients were cured within our Ebola Treatment Center in the city of Béni.


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*The Presidential Council for Africa aims to highlight the relationship between Africa and France. This body makes recommendations and proposals for interventions, particularly related to health issues. 

** Action Santé Mondiale is an association working in France and with the European institutions to strengthen political and financial support for global health issues.

***Cover photo: ©What Took You So Long / ALIMA

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