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Europe campaign commitee

Our main source of funding is institutional funds strictly earmarked by donors for specific operations. The funds don’t support qualitative organizational growth.


In order to gain flexibility in our investments, and increase the quality of our operations tenfold, we are now turning to private financing to develop three areas not supported by institutional donors.

Emergency, Talent development, Research

The goal of the ALIMA fundraising campaign is to contribute to these three funds.

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Emergency response fund

The objective of the High Impact Emergency Response Fund is to establish an emergency response fund that allows for the rapid deployment of humanitarian medical assistance during crisis situations, as well as sustained deployment in times of need.

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Humanitarian talent development fund

 The objective of this fund is to train the next generation of African doctors specializing in humanitarian aid to provide quality medical care in high-mortality areas.
Recherche et Innovation

Research and innovation fund

The objective of the Research and Innovation Fund is to support a platform capable of conducting clinical and operational research during humanitarian crises, and a unit capable of developing evolving humanitarian tools and technology.

The role of the campaign committee

The members of the campaign committee are volunteer ambassadors of ALIMA. By donating their time, expertise and knowledge to ALIMA, committee members mobilize the interest of individuals and businesses, and enable ALIMA to raise the funds necessary to finance its programs. As the driving force behind the 2016-2020 fundraising campaign for ALIMA, the committee’s objective is to raise 10 million euros. 

The composition of the campaign comitee

ALIMA has embarked on an ambitious fundraising campaign between now and the end of 2020 in order to solicit new humanitarian investment and support projects with a high human impact.

To support this campaign, a committee composed of eight influential personalities carries ALIMA’s message to private funders (foundations, companies, individuals) to help it develop its 3 priority funding axes.

Campaign Committee Co-Chairs
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Serge Morelli
Chief Executive Officer of AXA’s Health and Medical Innovations Assitance division

Serge Morelli has a professional background of almost 40 years, including some 30 years with the AXA Group. After experiences in mining prospecting and geophysics, in management information technology at ESN Unilog, now Logica , and finally in the development of home banking and electronic banking at Crédit du Nord. Serge Morelli joined the AXA France Group as Chief Information Officer  before becoming Chief Executive Officer of the Western Region, then Director of Human Resources and Communication before becoming Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AXA Assistance at the AXA Group level for 11 years. Today, as  Chief Executive Officer of AXA’s Health and Medical Innovation Assistance division, Serge Morelli has more than 10 years of experience at the head of interventions in emergency situations. His interest in solidarity and health led him to create and develop the SOLIMED project within AXA, an initiative to support hospitals in developing countries with medical resources and equipment. Serge Morelli joined the ALIMA campaign committee as co-president in 2017.

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Sandra Sancier-Sultan
Senior Associate Director of McKinsey & Company

Sandra Sancier-Sultan is a Senior Partner of McKinsey & Company in the Paris office and heads the firm’s Insurance practice in France. She is also one of the leaders in the Banking, Insurance and Asset Management practice areas in Europe. Sandra Sancier-Sultan leads the internal initiative dedicated to McKinsey consultants in France. She is a regular speaker in the media and at conferences on the topic of gender diversity and inclusion within companies, and is co-author of the firm’s Women Matter series of studies. A graduate of ESSEC Business School, Sandra Sancier-Sultan also holds an MBA from one of the world’s leading graduate business schools, INSEAD. She joined the ALIMA campaign committee in 2020.

Menbers of the Campagin Commitee

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Hervé Schricke
Founder of XAnge, Honorary President of the Africa Club of France Invest France Invest

Hervé Schricke has more than 30 years of international experience in finance. He began his professional career in France, before founding and managing the ECOWAS Bank for Investment and Development (EBID) in Brazzaville (BIAO Group). He then multiplied his experiences at the management of financial groups, notably BIAO and as co-founder of, to finally found XAnge Private Equity, an investment fund focused on innovative startups. Today President of SOFIA-FIDES, a consulting firm, Hervé Schricke is also Founder and Honorary President of the Club Afrique de France Invest (a professional association of private equity firms of which he was also a member). He joined the campaign committee of ALIMA in 2017.

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Didier Cherpitel
Former CEO of JPMorgan France

Didier Cherpitel began his career as Assistant Treasurer at JPMorgan, which he left 28 years later as Managing Director of Operations for France and Private Banking in Europe. Between 2004 and 2008, Didier Cherpitel was Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Atos Origin, one of the world’s largest digital services companies. Between 1993 and 2003, Didier Cherpitel was Secretary General of the International Federation of the Red Cross in Geneva. He is currently a director on the board of several associations and foundations, including Fondation Mérieux. He joined the ALIMA campaign committee in 2018.

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Anne-Marie Idrac
Former French Minister, Former President of RATP and SNCF

Anne-Marie Idrac began her career in 1974 as a civil administrator in various French ministries, becoming Secretary of State for Transport in 1995, then Deputy for Yvelines, and Secretary of State for Foreign Trade from 2008 to 2010. Anne-Marie Idrac has also worked as a manager of major companies in the transport sector, serving as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Paris Area transportation agency (RATP) between 2002 and 2006, and state-owned French railway SNCF from 2006 to 2008 . She sits on several Boards of Directors of major French groups and since December 2019 she has been President of the France Logistique association. She joined the ALIMA campaign committee in 2017.

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Annick Schwebig
Chairman of the ESSEC Executive Board, Former Chairman of Actélion

A doctor specialized in immunology, tropical medicine, emergency care and allergies, Annick Schwebig began her professional career at Squibb France, where she later held the positions as Vice President of Medical Affairs France and Vice President of Research and Development for Europe. In 2000, Annick Schwebig created the first European subsidiary of Actélion, a laboratory specialized in the development of drugs for the treatment of rare diseases. In 2011, Annick Schwebig became a member of the CCI Paris (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and a director of Cellectis. Very involved in medical research, Annick Schwebig is Vice President of the Supervisory Board of Inserm Transfert, a private subsidiary of Inserm dedicated to the promotion of biomedical research. She is also a member of the Expert Committee of BPI France’s Large Venture Fund and President of the ESSEC (France’s Graduate School of Economics and Commercial Sciences) Group’s Management Board. She joined the ALIMA campaign committee in 2018.

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René Celestin
Managing partner and founder of OBO

René Célestin is the founder and manager of OBO Global, specialized in the design and production of creative events for clients from the world of fashion, luxury and entertainment. He has been the creative director of many internationally renowned fashion shows (Victoria’s Secret, Armani, Elie Saab) and is part of the “Business of Fashion 500,” the 500 people who shape the fashion industry worldwide. He worked for a long time in the United States before moving to Paris, where OBO’s head office is located. He joined the ALIMA campaign committee in 2018.

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Olivier Renault
Attornet at Law, Managing Partner at Lamartine Conseil

A lawyer specializing in business law and taxation, Olivier Renault founded the law firm Lamartine Conseil in 2003, which includes about a hundred consultants, and has been its co-manager ever since. Lamartine Conseil specializes in legal and tax advice to companies during their transfer, and has developed a strong expertise in the health and construction sectors, in particular. Olivier Renault specializes in transfer and equity financing operations for small and medium-sized businesses and has personally been involved in several hundred company buyouts since the beginning of his career. He joined the ALIMA campaign committee in 2019.

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Tidjane Dème
General partner – Partech Ventures

Tidjane Dème has more than 15 years of experience in the technology industry in Africa. Tidjane Dème’s interest in development through digital tools propelled him to the head of Google Africa, where he worked for 7 years leading Google’s content strategy for the continent, as well as their infrastructure investments. Today, as General Partner at Partech Partners, Tidjane Dème invests in technological innovation for the development of the African continent through his fund Partech Africa. Sensitive to the cause of ALIMA and medical innovation, Tidjane Dème joined the ALIMA campaign committee in 2017 as co-chair.

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Brice Pineau
Co-Chairman of Harvest

A graduate of the International Business School in Europe ESSEC (1982), Brice began his career at Chase Manhattan Bank. In 1985, he joined Sorefi Ile de France (Caisse d’Epargne Group), in charge of branch productivity tools, including sales support software. In 1987, he created BMC-ITD, a publisher of simulation software for the financial world, and launched a first range of products around tax calculation, on PC and Minitel. In August 1989, he joined forces with Jean-Michel DUPIOT to create Harvest. He joined the ALIMA campaign committee in 2020.

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Georges Desvaux
Chief Strategy and Developement Officer and menber of the AXA Management Comitee

Georges Desvaux is Director of Strategy and Development of AXA and a member of the AXA Management Committee. Prior to joining AXA in 2019, he was Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company consulting firm. Having joined McKinsey in 1988, he worked in the Beijing and Paris offices, becoming Managing Partner of the firm for Japan in 2011, and for Africa between 2016 and 2018. He was also a member of the shareholders’ board, the Group’s governance body, chairing the Governance Committee. Author of the book “Africa’s Business Revolution,” Georges Desvaux also initiated and co-directed McKinsey’s research “Women Matter.” Georges Desvaux is a graduate of Ecole Centrale Paris and holds an M.S. in mechanical engineering from MIT. He joined the ALIMA campaign committee in 2020

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