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Critical issues with medical oxygen access in Sub-Saharan Africa featured in new ALIMA campaign Breath for All

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NEW YORK, OCTOBER 3, 2023—ALIMA (The Alliance for International Medical Action) has launched Breath for All, an awareness campaign emphasizing the need to improve medical oxygen access across sub-Saharan Africa. The campaign features 3D digital artwork by world-renowned artist Six N. Five, offering guided meditations inviting audiences to take a breath and give a breath by visiting [] and supporting ALIMA.

“While breathing deeply may come easily to most, every breath is a struggle for the millions who lack medical oxygen in sub-Saharan Africa,” said Charlie Kunzer, executive director of ALIMA USA. “ALIMA is working to ensure patients have access to lifesaving oxygen treatments. Breath for All encourages people to reflect on their breathing, an act often done without thought.”

Acute respiratory infection is a leading cause of death in sub-Saharan Africa, and many medical facilities lack the infrastructure, equipment, and training to diagnose and treat patients in respiratory distress. ALIMA works with ministries of health in Mali, Niger, Guinea, Sudan, and Burkina Faso to improve sustainable long-lasting access to medical oxygen across urban and remote areas, implementing programs that target medical, technical, and logistical barriers to effective treatment.

Created by boutique marketing agency Nazar Works, Breath for All taps into the cultural phenomenon of breathwork. “We wanted to create an emotional connection with a global audience around the serious and complex issue of medical oxygen. What’s more visceral and connective than breath?” said Neda Azarfar, managing director of Nazar Works. “Our creative team ran with that insight, drawing audiences’ attention to their own breathing to prepare them for ALIMA’s broader message on the issue.”

Created with licensed practitioners, the campaign includes three short meditation ads (Rise, Refresh, Unwind) and a long-form video narrated by Nigerian voiceover artist Blessyn Kure, culminating in a series of ALIMA patient photos. The ads feature iconic African landscapes animated by Six N. Five in his recognizable style.

“The character of the circle has been a presence in my work, accentuating unity and connection,”
says Ezequiel Pini, the artist behind Six N. Five. “When I learned of ALIMA’s work, I was inspired to create in support of this important cause, and knew the circle would play a role. My intent is to draw attention to our infinite connection as human beings through something as intangible, yet essential, as breath.”

Each ad is backed by an 8D music track composed by international creative music agency MassiveMusic, whose audio synchronizes with dreamlike iconic African landscapes brought to life by Six N. Five.

Cece Wyldeck-Estrada, Director of Creative Development at MassiveMusic, says: “The goal of the contemporary ambient score we crafted was to take the audience on a sensory journey, immersing them in captivating visuals and synchronized breathing exercises. To celebrate the region’s cultural heritage, we incorporated sampled instruments like the kalimba and mbira, enhanced by creative sound design. And to elevate the project even more, we whipped up some 8D mixes – a technique that wraps listeners in an immersive cocoon of sound.”

To launch, ALIMA invites medical and mindfulness influencers to amplify Breath for All, prompting people to take a moment to breathe and a moment to give. Campaign toolkits provide visual and audio assets, cite facts about the issue, and direct people to a landing page where they can learn more and donate.
Visit the campaign landing page:

Managing Director: Neda Azarfar
Creative Director: Stephanie Johnson
Creative Director: Malu Lara
Influencer Outreach: Kristine Moffit
Influencer Outreach: Angela Fisher
Paid Media Strategist: Jordan Garmon
Voiceover: Blessyn Kure
Visuals: Six N. Five
Composition & Sound Design: MassiveMusic
Breathwork Consultant: Sinéad Studio

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