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Start of program : 2011

Country key figures:

  • 22.59 million habitants¹
  •  412,387 displaced persons in the country².
  • 843.827children with severe acute malnutrition³

ALIMA key figures:

  • 154,399 consultations
  • 2,441 assisted births

Areas of intervention:

  • Outbreak response
  • Maternal health
  • Conflicts and population movement
  • Nutrition
  • Research and innovation

Humanitarian context

In December 2022, Mali recorded 412,387 internally displaced persons due to persistent armed conflict and inter-community tensions, and nearly 843,827 children were acutely malnourished.

Mali - Situation humanitaire
© Seyba Keita / ALIMA

ALIMA’s impact on the ground

Primary and secondary health care

 With its local partner Medical Alliance Against Malaria-Population Health (AMCP-SP), ALIMA continued to respond to the health needs of the population  in the Timbuktu region in northern Mali, the Segou and Mopti regions in central Mali, the Koulikoro region in southern Mali and the Bamako region.

ALIMA supported principal health centers and community health centers with primary and secondary medical-nutritional care for the most at-risk groups, particularly children under five and pregnant and lactating women. The ALIMA/AMCP-SP teams carried out 154,399 general and pediatric medical consultations and assisted over 2,441 deliveries. 

Treating severe acute malnutrition

 In 2022, the teams also provided care to 11,268 children suffering from severe acute malnutrition. ALIMA trained over 168,496 mothers and families to detect the early signs of acute malnutrition in their children using the MUAC bracelet. Within the framework of the OptiMA project, ALIMA continued to implement a new approach to the treatment of malnourished children to help fight acute malnutrition more effectively.

Mali - Projet AIRE
© Seyba Keita / ALIMA

Improving identification of respiratory distress

In 2022 as part of the AIRE project (Improving the Identification of Respiratory Distress in Children), ALIMA continued to coordinate the AIRE project in the Dioïla district (Koulikoro region). The project aims to support health facilities in integrating the use of pulse oximeters and contribute to the reduction of mortality in children under five. In 2022, 133 district health workers were trained in the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness protocol, and over 40 health centers were supplied with medicines and medical equipment.

COVID-19 vaccination

Finally, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ALIMA and AMCP-SP continued their vaccination campaign, vaccinating 540,774 people in 2022.

Cover picture :  © Seyba Keita / ALIMA

¹ World Bank 2022

² Displacement Tracking Matrix report, December 2022

³ Humanitarian Needs Overview 2023, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, January 2023

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