Start of program: 2016

Country key figures:

  • 27.9 millions inhabitants¹
  • 3.9 million persons in need of humanitarian aid²


ALIMA key figures:

  • 145,229 primary curative consultations (including 88,511 children under five and 56,718 adults)
  • 3,894 assisted births

Areas of intervention:

  • Outbreak response
  • Conflicts and population displacement
  • Maternal health
  • Nutrition

Humanitarian context

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, in 2022, 3.9 million people needed humanitarian assistance and protection and 2.4 million experienced food insecurity in Cameroon.

The year was marked by clashes between non-state armed groups and security forces, attacks by these groups on the population, and numerous kidnappings, including of NGO staff. 

In addition to this instability, there were natural disasters, including  floods, and the outbreak of epidemics, like cholera among others. Humanitarian access remained a challenge due to the presence and attacks of armed groups, inter-community conflicts between herders and fishermen/farmers, and the deterioration of the roads in certain parts of the country.

Situation humanitaire Haiti

ALIMA’s impact on the ground

ALIMA provided technical and material support to the Ministry of Health by supporting health facilities and sharing its extensive expertise in health, nutrition, and epidemic response, as well as in the medical care of displaced persons.

Cameroun Makary Daniel Beloumou 2022 096

In 2022, five projects were implemented, including four medico-nutritional projects, a project responding to measles and cholera epidemics, and a COVID-19 vaccination project. ALIMA treated 145,229 patients on an outpatient basis, carried out 10,995 prenatal consultations, and trained 185,512 families to use the MUAC* bracelet to detect malnutrition in their children. ALIMA was able to provide free, high-quality patient care and train local health workers thanks to its deep roots in the communities where it works.

Cover picture © Alexis Huguet / ALIMA

¹ World Bank 2022

² United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs 2022

*MUAC: Mid-upper arm circumference

Story from the field: Marie Aoudi, Intensive Care Nurse at the Mokolo Hospital pediatrics ward

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